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"carcophony is one of those games that you just have to put your hands on your hips, pull up your zip and say, Wow - that's absolute genius"
Independint Charles

"It is difficult not to recommend Carcophony - A genuinely original idea that is genuinely fun to play" 8/10

"we don’t NOT recommend it”

10/10 “The Best Take on Frantic Coordination since Chu Chu Rocket!”

"so freakin’ awesome..."

'Best Of Indie Games'

An insanely addicting puzzle game
"It requires constant thinking.
I couldn’t stop playing!
Even now I think of ways in which I could have moved traffic differently
for a more optimal effect."
ExL studios

XBL Indie Game Pick
"the idea quickly warmed to me
- it makes for quite a hectic experience."

"Gameplay is simple to grasp -
you’re getting a fun and unique game for your money."
zeboyd indie game reviews

"I may be doing it wrong"

"I can assure you that Carcophony may be one of the best puzzle games on the indie games channel."

"The game is fast paced,
engaging, and fun.
Highly recommended."

"highly addicting"

"my 7 year old son would rather have played a different game"

"well worth checking out!"
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